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Free The login needs 3 parameters to login: tree, user and password
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The login needs 3 parameters to login: tree, user and password.
For security reasons the password is encrypted.
There are a few methods to use the program:
HBWlogin /setup
HBWlogin /t= /u=
The program reads the hbwlogin.ini file and uses the entries tree= and user= in the section [LOGIN].
The program searches for the file pass.hbw.
This file contains the password.
HBWlogin /setup
Run this in a dosbox. The program will ask you for the treename, username and password.
The password will not hidden on the screen. The program creates the hbwlogin.ini file and the encrypted password file.
HBWlogin /t= /u=
The program will use the treename and username for the login. For the password the program will use the filename pass$.hbw.
You can use the program pass.exe for the generation of the password file.
HBWlogin /m or HBWlogin /m /t= /u=
The /m parameter will create a map to a server (the first one that reacts) It will create the following mapping similar to the command map f:=server/sys:\public.
The program returns one of the following error levels.
0 Login successful
1 Login failed
2 Some internal error
You can use these return values in a batch file.

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